Marcel Darienzo
Signs and promotional flyers

The project consists of two signs, one installed on the facade of the building that will house the exhibition and the other in its interior, e.g. On the first track will be written the sentence:


, in the second:


The wordplay has the potential to fundamentally transform the meaning of the sentence, which can range from homesickness to disappearance.

The tracks should be made for the occasion of the exhibition and tailored to fill proportionally the building facade, providing a clean and clear reading.

The tracks should be installed in distant locations and not side by side to also trigger memory, certainties and uncertainties of the exhibition visitor or passerby on the street.

The typography to be used on the tracks is MERMAID, designed by the artist.

It is interesting to the artist that the tracks contain the phrases in English and also in local language with the condition that the same sentence construction set is established: the sentences must contain the same words and, when modifying their position on it, produce the same sense of strangeness.

Along with the signs "promotional flyers" must be handed to the visitors of the institution holding the exhibition. The flyers must be handed in odd locations: by the security, the cleaning staff, souvenirs sellers, e.g..


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