Marcel Darienzo
b 1991, São Paulo, Brazil
lives between São Paulo and London

Thinking through the infrastructures conditioning the body in the contemporary, he explores the intersection between the visual arts, theatre, dance, performance, video and music. What he calls simulation encompasses a set of interventions in the exhibition space. He produces works that ‘are ideological containers to be moved and forged by the viewer’s own values, ideas and imagination’.

Marcel Darienzo makes works about you. Works that have nothing else to say rather than just proposing you to be confronted with the images and representations of yourself: the abstract notion of ‘the you’. A simulation addresses such performative encounters that instate an experience that cuts the viewer’s body of its socio-political aspects and confront them with these ways of representing themselves. He argued that this very experience enabled the object-subject dichotomy to disappear, as the demands made on the viewer are not easily contemplated, requiring a complex engagement. He calls on you to use yourself as the territory for experimentatio[1]; to explore what has been deserted in alienation, the extreme measures of your own alienation.

[1]Darienzo, M. (2016), ‘Shot attempts: F**k P****cs! Performing is enacting indeed!’, Journal of Arts Writing by Students, 2:2, pp. 141-48, doi:10.1386/jaws.2.2.141_1

SIMULATION, a medium
for the arts, constructed as
durational performing exhibitions

"Through thse so-called “simulations”, the piece destabilises the idea of a central thread [...], and instead highlights the infrastructure around it, and perhaps most importantly the role of the audience in the situation"

Borbala Soos
Director and Curator, Tenderpixel, London

"By aproppriating the institutional aspect of the contemporary arts and twisting its 'apparent neutrality', I intend to reveal the ideology of both the viewer and the display. A sort of ontology, or self/auto-critique, for the contemporary arts."

Marcel Darienzo

"I guess what I'm interested in - and what I get from your work - is the way that people deliberately, voluntarily and performatively self-expose themselves today, whether through social media or visible consumption, and how this is just another part of the neoliberal idea of success. I think we are all becoming part and parcel of a perpetual performance of virtual others, and your work attempts to position us as co-actors in that performance, questioning how we really judge and know one another."

Tony Tremlett
Independent curator

"'YOU are the model!' 'YOU are the majority!'. Such is the slope of a hyperrealist sociality, where the real is confused with its model"

Jean Baudrillard

Simulations, 1983, semiotext[e]: p.53


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