Marcel Darienzo

YOUR LIFE DURING WW3 by Marcel Darienzo is a durational piece, compromising of live action, dance, sound, video and text-based works as an installation at Tenderpixel.

All around the space, graffitis scream a nihilist take on the "I" and "YOU" - reflections on mortality, powerlessness and selflessness that address the spectator directly. The performer follows and reacts to the video playing in each room of the gallery. YOUR LIFE DURING WW3 is a monologue, borrowing voices from various characters and situations from Hamlet to rooftop bar sunset parties, from relaxation techniques to post-capitalist theories and colapsism. The public will be at times witnessing high intensity animated parts of the piece, and other moments will only be left contemplating the dishartening mottos on the walls, while the performer takes time to react to the inputs on the screens, or rethinks his actions within the environment created for the work. Through these so-called "simulations", the piece destabilises the idea of a central thread and eventually the central figure, and instead highlights the infrastructure around it, and perhaps most importantly the role of the audience in the situation: "'THE I' HAVE BEEN KILLED, THERE IS ONLY 'THE YOU' LEFT BITCH"

Borbala Soos
Director and Curator, Tenderpixel, London

Installation walk through:


Stills from the video:

Install shots:

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